Embeddable Personal Loan Search

Even provides tools to generate a customizable, embeddable, full-featured loan comparison tool that we call the Personal Loan Search. For a full loan application use the Common Loan Application.

After creating an Even Financial partner account, one can easily customize your own Personal Loan Search and embed it on your site via a simple JavaScript tag.

(1) Customize Your Personal Loan Search

(2) Copy the embed tag

(3) Paste into your website’s HTML

(4) You now have your own Personal Loan Search just like below:

(5) Add your tag to the URL where the application sits so you can track performance

We allow our partners to pass through an alphanumeric identifier that we can pass back in our reporting. This will allow you to measure performance and optimize your audiences.

Setting this up is a very straightforward process. All you have to do is add ?tag.subid=[YOURID] to the URL you are using.

For example, if your URL is:


then you would update your URL to be